Raffaele Martini Pandozy – Sculptor / Philosopher
“Telos” Sculpture Completed and standing at the Biennale

Telos is a lost term in art, which signifies “purpose” or end as all things in life and in the universe have a purpose (see Aristotle’s Organon. Martini Pandozy has been dealing with lost word – lost language- since the 1970’s. If and when you lose language you lose meaning of our philosophical and artistic traditions, but above all you lose anthropological continuity.

The sculpture “telos” is one of those words that have gotten lost and that is why art does not have any purpose in life, or at least has no attributes that serve any purpose. Martini Pandozy wants to change that. He wrote a a Magnus Opus of 2,900 pages, 12 chapters on the sociology of art called Of Art and Arteology -The Reformation of the Concept of Art for a Better World.

Being a sculptor and a scholar of art (Ph.D. in Art Education), this book was designed to be a model for art curricula in art schools and universities and to provide future artists with the tools and substance to make art more meaningful and to change the world altogether. In other words, it encompasses the newest theories and knowledge available and it up-to-date with latest scientific discoveries in genetics and neurosciences.

He also made the book into a sculpture for museums to show and educate the public about art.  (I am looking now whether it is possible to upload the picture of the book, but I do not see a way to publish its photograph. Can anyone help me?)

Martini Pandozy, has worked for 40 years to write and to conceive the book of the century that will change the history of art for ever. You better believe it, otherwise he woul be a fool to sacrifice his life for this particular purpose.


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